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On 2nd to the 5th of August 2020, AMSA-UI became a host for virtual AMSEP Indonesia for Malaysia. The program was the first virtual hosting held by AMSA-Indonesia and together with AMSA-Unjani, AMSA-UI was also honoured with this opportunity. AMSA-Unjani and AMSA-UI collaborate in  hosting 24 students for 7 days that are not only from Malaysia, but also from Taiwan, Thailand, and Philippines. The event was coordinated by Stephanie Gosal and Nathaniel Evan as the Project Officers and AMSEP-UI members were the committees divided into 4 sub-divisions;

  1. Academics: Gabby, Faruqi, Savero and Rara
  2. Culture: Alyssa, Ayu, Dhriti, and Nindita
  3. Farewell: Angel, Vydi, Imad
  4. Community Outreach: Charissa and Devi 

The program offered a variety of activities to the delegates, which include lectures about “Future Medical Students Post-Pandemic Era” by dr Ardi Findyartini, PhD, “Being a doctor in remote area” by dr. Natasha Chandra, wayang making, Indonesia’s culture presentation, and many games. AMSEP-UI was given positive feedback from the delegates. Lastly, the committees built a friendship with the delegates and plan to keep in touch, despite the challenging distance among them.



Stand PPKM held one day after Indonesia Independence Day, 18th August 2019, at Salemba Campus, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia. This event intended to introduce the freshmen parents about life as a medical student in the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia. Every organization, including AMSA given a chance present in the designated stand. 


At this event, newly inaugurated AMSA-UI members are having a chance of arranging AMSA-UI’s stand and inviting other active members to help with the decorating and presenting to the freshmen’s parents, academic staff, and parents’ donator about AMSA-UI. This year AMSA-UI’s stand theme is Nature, mostly ornamented with a lot of exotic leaves and many properties. In this event, AMSA-UI’s stand has won 4th place Best Stand PPKM.



E-club Member AMSA-UI is one of MnD’s events which is aimed to increase the ability of AMSA-UI members in speaking English. This event consists of a seminar and a fun QnA session. The speakers and members are required to talk in English as the event goes on. 

Each year E-club Member has a different theme. This year we brought “Know your Skin” as the theme, which discusses about how to take care of your skin both for male & female. We invited dr. Adhimukti T. Sampurna, SpKK as our speaker on the seminar. He talked about skin types, ways of taking care of our skin, and the particular type of skin care we should have including the right steps to do it. The event ends with a QnA session about skin & a special prize for the questioner.



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