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On 24th September 2016, PRICE EAMSC 2016 (Preparation for International Competition East Asian Medical Student Conference 2016) was held by Academic Division of AMSA-UI to enhance knowledge of AMSA-Indonesia district 2 members in preparing themselves for the East Asian Medical Student Conference 2016 (Australia). With a preparation for about a month, PRICE EAMSC 2016 has successfully reached 130 participants from every AMSA university members in District 2 and also non-AMSA members from University of Indonesia.

PRICE EAMSC 2016 is Acads very first project, it took place in KC 301 Gedung Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan (RIK) Universitas Indonesia from 9.45am to 3pm. Although the registration was opened at 9.15am, about 40 participants have come since 8.15am.

At 9.15am, the event was opened by Alessa Fahira, our MC with a bright short greeting. It was then followed with all of us singing AMSA song “See the World in Perfect Harmony” to give a positive energy to all the participants. After the song, PRICE EAMSC 2016 with the theme of “Climate Change Medicine” is officially opened with brief opening speeches from Elvira Lesmana, Project Officer of PRICE EAMSC 2016 and Michelle Valeria, Representative of AMSA-UI 2016/2017. In this event, we are also honored by the attendance of Representative from AMSA-Ukrida (Billy Jonathan), Representative from AMSA-Untar (Annisaa Nurrahma), and also Representative from AMSA-UKI (Mathilda Abigail).

Move to the main event, the first lecture “Climate Change on Tropical Disease” was presented by dr. Erni Juwita Nelwan, Sp. PD-KPTI from Departemen ilmu Penyakit Dalam RSCM. She told us about the connection between health and climate change, the brief explanation about climate change, and also the bad impact of climate change related with the incidence level in Indonesia.


During the transition from the first lecture to the second lecture, we had a simple quiz to amuse the participants and after that the lecture continue with Dr. dr. Mardiastuti H. Wahid, MSc, Sp.MK (K) from Departemen Mikrobiologi RSCM as a speaker of the second lecture “Climate Change: How Does it Affect Microorganisms?”. From this lecture, we got to know the effect of climate change on pathogenic microorganism, such as those who cause malaria, dengue, filariasis, and cholera.

The event was continued by a game to entertain the participant as we also divide them into small groups for workshop. As the two lectures end, we finally invited dr. Grace Wangge, MSc, PhD, the expert in systematic review to give us tips and trick on how to make systematic review and also to give as a hands-on experience which was directly guided by her

At the end of our event, Raksheeth Agarwal and also Oliver Emmanuel shared their experiences as the winner of the previous PCC EAMSC winners.

With this event we felt so happy that we, academics team of AMSA-UI, can share knowledge, build friendship, and also hopefully trigger AMSA-Indonesia’s district 2 members to start taking a simple action to tackle the poor effect of climate changes on our community health.

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