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National Medical and General Biology Competition 2016 was held for three days: 18-20th March 2016. Taking place in Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, this most anticipated event involved 331 high school students across Indonesia. With the theme of PULMO, NMGBC 2016 became the highlighted national competition presented by AMSA-UI.


On the first day of NMGBC 2016, participants were required to attend the opening ceremony of NMGBC 2016. It started with welcome speech from Head of BEM IKM FKUI, Fadhli Waznan; Representative of AMSA-UI, Felix Kurniawan; and Project Officer of NMGBC 2016, Ficky. There were also performances from orchestra and vocal group of FKUI. The technical meeting for the competitions tomorrow was also held and that remarks the end of opening ceremony.


The second day of NMGBC 2016 started with preliminary for participants which was divided into two groups, while the teachers were given seminars. After finishing preliminary, participants and teachers had the chance to attend several seminars about Tuberculosis, considering World Tuberculosis Day on March 24, in attempt to raise awareness and knowledge regarding tuberculosis. NMGBC also did not miss to give the participants many workshops in the hope that they obtained basic soft skills on Basic Life Support and Ambu-Bag Ventilation. By that, the second day of NMGBC has officially ended.


Last day of NMGBC 2016 was really awaited since the participants who made it to the semifinal were announced in the morning. Of the 331 participants, there were 60 participants with the highest score who went to the semifinal round. So while the semifinalists once again compete, the others were given the intracampus tour of FKUI. NMGBC provided four spots in this tour: skills lab, pathological anatomy museum, intubation workshop, and UI campus tour with ‘Bus Kuning’ hoping to give a taste of being medical students of FKUI to the students. The tour was nicely done.


After semifinal and tour were ended, we finally arrived at the peak of NMGBC 2016, 5 of 60 semifinalists with the highest score were to join the final round. The final round itself consist of case analysis, in which the participants were given a case and they had to analyze and present it to everyone; bonus round; and tachypnea, or the fast-and-correct round.


We are happy to announce the five champions who have won NMGBC 2016:
1st place Muhammad Edgar Bratasena
2nd place M Ilham Dhiya R
3rd place Danang Dwi Prasetyo
4th place Michelle Angelina
5th place Aldithya Fakhri

Finally, NMGBC 2016 ended with the closing ceremony, performance, and closing speech from the project officer. NMGBC 2016 was such a fun and memorable event in which we hope it brings each on of us new knowledge, friends, and experience!

For the documentation of NMGBC 2016, check it out here:

By: Ficky (Project Officer of NMGBC 2016)

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