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National Action Event 2016

March 15th, 2017 by in News

National Action Event (NAE) is one of AMSA-Indonesia’s national events. Out of all AMSA-Indonesia’s national events, this event highlight AMSA’s  action philosophy the most (national action event, get it?). Other than action, this event also highlight AMSA’s knowledge philosophy since there is also a debate competition for all AMSA-Indonesia members (it’s NAE+DC, actually). The other philosophy, friendship, as always can be found throughout all the events! You will understand how soon.

This year’s NAE was held by AMSA-Universitas Syiah Kuala in Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam on 9-11th December 2016. There was something that made this year’s NAE slightly different than the previous ones or any other national events that was held/will be held this year. It was because NAE 2016 was held in Banda Aceh, where the Aceh province use syariah law (Islamic law). While we were there, the girls were expected to wear a hijab (or at least cover our heads), especially during the health campaign and social act.

So, what exactly did we do on NAE 2016?

On the first day, there were lecture and workshop, and also welcoming party at night. But unfortunately, most of AMSA-UI delegates missed all of the events on the first day because we arrived at Banda Aceh at nearly midnight.

On the second day, the delegates were divided into two. The debate team did the preliminary round at Unsyiah’ campus while the rest did health campaign at a village in Banda Aceh. For the health campaign, we were divided into teams (and met new friends from the team) and went to villagers houses to educate them about heart disease. At the end of the campaign, the villagers were gathered on a field for a short seminar and workshop session about cardiac arrest. After all the events of the health campaign had finished, we went to Unsyiah campus for a talkshow about research and also to hear NRPC presentation (psst one team was from AMSA-UI! Assyifa, Tamara, and Kak Fadhian). Then, we went back to the hotel for one of the most awaited event: Farewell Party! With casual dresscode, we had fun, took a lot of pictures, entertained with the original Saman dance and music, and of course, saw our Anjani got inaugurated as AMSA-Indonesia’s Ambassador of Public Health!

Finally we reach the last day of NAE 2016. On this last day, our debate team (husin, Raku, and Aya) unfortunately didn’t made it to the final rounds, and so they went on to hang on the beach with our LO. Meanwhile, the rest of us did social act on Lapangan Blang Padang. After we did the social act, we went to eat some Mie Aceh before finally went back home to Jakarta.


We would like to say our thankyou to AMSA-Unsyiah for hosting the amazing event!


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