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March 15th, 2017 by in Events

MOTHER&I is a nurturing program for pregnant women in maintaining a healthy and productive pregnancy. This event is held on December 3rd 2016 in Puskesmas Pancoran Mas. Together with the local health practitioners, AMSA UI members aims for educating them about the importance of life style affecting quality of their pregnancy.

At first, we conduct a physical measurement including their weight, height and blood pressure to evaluate their nutritional and health status. Afterwards, the educational material is being delivered through focus group discussion. Each group consist of three to four pregnant women with 2 facilitators. We recommend every pregnant women not to overlook their activities, nutrition intake, sleeping time and personal hygiene. For example, we encourage them to consume vitamin supplement daily and monitor their food calories by using the suitable portion called “Menu Piring Sehatku”. Through simple acts and reminders, we want to establish healthy habit in every pregnant mothers.
During session,they eagerly ask a variety of questions about their worries. Some asked whether their daily nutrition is adequate for their baby development and growth; some shared their difficulties such as pelvic ache, morning sickness,and miscarriage.
By answering all of their hardships and questions, we are supporting them to become a super mom for their children.

Mother&i : BE A SUPERMOM! K

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