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IMSTC 2016: Interstellar

April 20th, 2016 by in News

IMSTC, or the Indonesian Medical Students’ Training and Competition is an event that is annually held by different AMSA-INA universities, and attended by AMSA-INA medical students all over Indonesia. This year’s IMSTC is themed INTERSTELLAR, which is an abbreviation for Improving and Promoting Universal Perspective Towards health care, and aims to raise awareness and empower medical students with the knowledge.

Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted by the committee and immediately whisked away, through the small streets of Malang, to their beautiful campus, Universitas Brawijaya. There we were welcomed by breathtaking performances and delicious food during the opening party.

On the 2nd day, participants were taken to UBTV studio early, the event organizers arranged a series of lectures by distinguished speakers, to build the participants’ capabilities and prepare them for competitions. One of the lectures was on “Understanding Research and Publishing for Early Career Researchers”, which was held by dr Lalit Singh, the current Director of Content and Product Strategy for Elsevier Health for Emerging markets. In the evening, we enjoyed a variety of Malang cuisines and drinks for dinner, during the Malang Culinary Night.


The following day, participants were taken through a series of lectures, this time, about enhancing and optimizing the social aspects of modern healthcare, including appropriate regulation of national finance resources, law enforcement, health policy or health strategies. These lectures too, were held by doctors recognized not only for their medical professions, but also for their contributions and profound comprehension of the social aspect of healthcare. Next come the competitions, IMSTC hosted competitions for scientific paper, scientific poster, public poster, video and photography, the competitors presented excellent, top-tier works and everyone enjoyed observing their presentations. Finally, to end a beautiful evening, a farewell party with performances from each district is held in the hotel hall. Each district performed their carefully planned, and thoroughly practiced performances unique to each district, while the audience enjoyed snacks and meals from the district culinary booths.

In this farewell party they also announced the winners for the competitions held earlier. So we would like to congratulate our beloved members for winning the competitions!

  1. 2nd place in scientific paper: Felix Lee, Andre Elton, Jaspal Singh
  2. 3rd place in public poster: Edelyne Chelsea and Suripto



On the last day, we held a social act to raise awareness about lupus in Lapangan Rampal (a Car Free Day area in Malang) with NGO Parahita, an organisation dedicated to serve patients with Lupus. We also aided the NGO with fundraising by blood tests and photo booths. It was an enlightening experience as we  put whatever knowledge that we have accumulated thus far into the event and put it to action to impact the lives of the Malang populace. Overall, IMSTC is a fun-filled, and intensive event with academic training, social acts, and room for socializing with like minded medical students packed into 3 days, whilst enjoying the rich culture of Indonesia’s different Districts.


By: Oliver Emmanuel (Chief of Delegates IMSTC 2016)

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