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As we read the name, Academics division provides AMSA-UI members in the academic departments. The programs consist of Preparation for International Competition (PRICE) EAMSC and AMSC, NMGBC, and Academic Workshops.
Academics division also provides members who want to join any competitions held by AMSA by checking the works that are submitted.



Membership and Development

MnD stands for Membership and Development. It is one of the internal divisions in AMSA-UI. The MnD division has some programs including debate training, team building, English Club Premiere, etc in order to develop AMSA-UI Members itself.




As AMSA has many national and international events, Delegation Division provides AMSA-UI Members by checking and submitting the documents needed to sign up for the events. Delegation division will do the selection to members who would like to join the events if the applicants are more than the quota.




AMSEP or Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program is an external division whose work is to manage the exchange program between AMSA-UI and other countries who will do the exchange. AMSEP will be hosting the guests who do the exchange and sending AMSA-UI members to do the exchange.
Besides that, AMSEP also hosts the AMSA-UI’s Birthday Party which is on October 29.


Publication and Promotion

PnP or Publication and Promotion is one of 4 internal divisions in AMSA-UI. Our job is to do publications about AMSA-UI itself and the activities that we do through AMSA-UI’s social medias.
We also make posters for greetings such as AMSA-UI members’ birthdays, international and national days, and congratulations poster.



Recruitment is an internal division whose work is to prepare the AMSA-UI youths so that they will be ready to be the members. Recruitment division gives knowledge about AMSA-UI itself, the programmes, and everything the youths need to know.
Recruitment division’s programmes consist of Expo, Internship, Interview, E-Club Youth, AMSA Day (in collaboration with PRSS).


Public Relations and Social Service

PRSS stands for Public Relations and Social Service. According to its name, PRSS division has the duty to keep the ‘action’ philosophy in AMSA-UI through many social events. The events are for example AMSA-UI Goes to Rehab Centre Project, Event of The Year (EOTY), AMSA Day (In collaboration with Recruitment Division)

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