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March 15th, 2017 by in Events

AMSA-Unpad MUN: A Game of Diplomacy

For me, diplomacy has been as much as subject of interest as it is an unsolvable enigma. It has been hard to be a great speaker with no opportunity to compete in debate competitions or the like. Having a chance to do it through a Model United Nations convention is a new thing I was eager to try, and that’s what got me to finally joining AMSA-Unpad MUN. I finally registered and represented the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Council. After officially registering, the committee obliged us to do a position paper on the topic and country involved.

As an assigned coordinator, I was also concerned about the preparations of us, FMUI delegates. So, I arranged for several preparations, including tickets and committee liaisoning to a one-session training held with the support of UI’s very own MUN Club.

Finally, the day came. Due to a combination of bad planning and traffic, I only managed to arrive in Bandung at Saturday, 1 AM  Arriving after everyone has gone to sleep (and after the welcoming party and a presentation of the basics of MUN), I’m very anxious of the day to come

Day 2 came, with the first session being a seminar session with a doctor from UNFPA. Afterwards, came the first conference session (thankfully, with a brief introduction as well). Through the day, we went through three conference sessions, but were very hard-pressed to find solutions to the problems of drug and organized crime. On the other councils of UNFPA and WHO (which was participated by Aya and Jilly respectively), discussion also got to a standstill in the end of the first day.

After the conferences of the day was finished, we participated in the farewell party to relieve us from the discussions’ stress. Here is where the solidity of my council shows. We had fun and took pictures together. Afterwards, most of the council held an after-party of, (against the mainstream), drafting the mock concluding documents to be discussed in the morning.

By the morning, the conferences (which I attend late due to dizziness), has came to a quick path to conclusion. The draft document we concocted the night before was argued very diplomatically by its supporting nations, to the point that the product was unanimously agreed upon by the conference (a very satisfying result for its supporters). Due to the availability of time, mock awards are held, in which I (pitifully) got the predicate “The Most Single-looking Person”. Afterwards, comes the closing, in which Aya won the Honorable Mention in her council. We finally can go home in peace (and with an award, too)

The 2-day process led me to extend my connections to a lot of the new friends I met through the conferences­­. It also would, in a way, help me in everyday life, as I got more competence in interpersonal communication through this. It is a very fun and satisfying experience (which is helped a lot by the comfort provided by the committee’s helpfulness and hotel’s ambiance), which I would love to participate again in next year.

National Action Event 2016

March 15th, 2017 by in News

National Action Event (NAE) is one of AMSA-Indonesia’s national events. Out of all AMSA-Indonesia’s national events, this event highlight AMSA’s  action philosophy the most (national action event, get it?). Other than action, this event also highlight AMSA’s knowledge philosophy since there is also a debate competition for all AMSA-Indonesia members (it’s NAE+DC, actually). The other philosophy, friendship, as always can be found throughout all the events! You will understand how soon.

This year’s NAE was held by AMSA-Universitas Syiah Kuala in Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam on 9-11th December 2016. There was something that made this year’s NAE slightly different than the previous ones or any other national events that was held/will be held this year. It was because NAE 2016 was held in Banda Aceh, where the Aceh province use syariah law (Islamic law). While we were there, the girls were expected to wear a hijab (or at least cover our heads), especially during the health campaign and social act.

So, what exactly did we do on NAE 2016?

On the first day, there were lecture and workshop, and also welcoming party at night. But unfortunately, most of AMSA-UI delegates missed all of the events on the first day because we arrived at Banda Aceh at nearly midnight.

On the second day, the delegates were divided into two. The debate team did the preliminary round at Unsyiah’ campus while the rest did health campaign at a village in Banda Aceh. For the health campaign, we were divided into teams (and met new friends from the team) and went to villagers houses to educate them about heart disease. At the end of the campaign, the villagers were gathered on a field for a short seminar and workshop session about cardiac arrest. After all the events of the health campaign had finished, we went to Unsyiah campus for a talkshow about research and also to hear NRPC presentation (psst one team was from AMSA-UI! Assyifa, Tamara, and Kak Fadhian). Then, we went back to the hotel for one of the most awaited event: Farewell Party! With casual dresscode, we had fun, took a lot of pictures, entertained with the original Saman dance and music, and of course, saw our Anjani got inaugurated as AMSA-Indonesia’s Ambassador of Public Health!

Finally we reach the last day of NAE 2016. On this last day, our debate team (husin, Raku, and Aya) unfortunately didn’t made it to the final rounds, and so they went on to hang on the beach with our LO. Meanwhile, the rest of us did social act on Lapangan Blang Padang. After we did the social act, we went to eat some Mie Aceh before finally went back home to Jakarta.


We would like to say our thankyou to AMSA-Unsyiah for hosting the amazing event!



March 15th, 2017 by in Events

MOTHER&I is a nurturing program for pregnant women in maintaining a healthy and productive pregnancy. This event is held on December 3rd 2016 in Puskesmas Pancoran Mas. Together with the local health practitioners, AMSA UI members aims for educating them about the importance of life style affecting quality of their pregnancy.

At first, we conduct a physical measurement including their weight, height and blood pressure to evaluate their nutritional and health status. Afterwards, the educational material is being delivered through focus group discussion. Each group consist of three to four pregnant women with 2 facilitators. We recommend every pregnant women not to overlook their activities, nutrition intake, sleeping time and personal hygiene. For example, we encourage them to consume vitamin supplement daily and monitor their food calories by using the suitable portion called “Menu Piring Sehatku”. Through simple acts and reminders, we want to establish healthy habit in every pregnant mothers.
During session,they eagerly ask a variety of questions about their worries. Some asked whether their daily nutrition is adequate for their baby development and growth; some shared their difficulties such as pelvic ache, morning sickness,and miscarriage.
By answering all of their hardships and questions, we are supporting them to become a super mom for their children.

Mother&i : BE A SUPERMOM! K

AMSA-UI’s 30th Birthday Party

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November 26th, 2016 was a great day for AMSA-UI as we celebrate the organization’s 30th birthday. The party took place on the Da Vinci Penthouse Multifunction Hall in Sudirman from 17.00 until 21.00. To celebrate the organization’s pretty old age birthday, this year’s birthday theme is Thanksgiving. Everyone came to the party suited and dressed ready to get sedated by the awesomeness of the party AMSA-UI prepared. Before the party even started, a festive atmosphere could already felt because so many people came, not only from AMSA-UI, but from AMSA from around Jakarta.


The event began with speeches from the Project Officer, AMSA-UI Representatives, and the Student President of the Faculty of Medicine of University of Indonesia. After that we sang the National Anthem and The Asian Medical Students Association Anthem.


Everyone was already really hype for the party right after we all sang the National Anthem. That was why everybody loved the next event, which is eating dinner. During dinner time people not only eat, but they all socialize with people they never met before. Now that everyone knows everybody, it was time to play games. The first game was battle of the sexes. It was a game with an objective to move cards to the next person using nothing but your mouth. Bunch of funny things happened especially in the men’s team. Unfortunately, the women’s team won easily. Next, was battle of the departments of AMSA-UI. It was a game to guess anything the messenger give without saying a single thing. It was a total chaos because every department played to win. Although every department gave everything they got, the winner was AMSEP Department.


After everyone was tired after playing two great games then came the sharing session from former representatives and executive boards. So many things can be learned from their experiences. Finally, the party ended with a flash mob and a mannequin challenge participated by everyone who came to the party. Although, it was great, everything must end. So, we took one last photograph and said goodbye and thank you to everyone.


Having the privilege as being the Project Officer of AMSA-UI 30th Birthday Party was such an honor for me. Everyone helped me to make this event a success. I learned a lot of things and gain more than I could ever ask for. Once again, I want to thank everyone for this party and congratulate them for making one of the coolest birthday parties ever! Yeah, we did it guys!

AMSA-UI EXPO & Badan Carnival

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AMSA-UI EXPO on Saturday, 8th October 2016 truly showcases AMSA to FKUI’s freshmen. This year’s theme for EXPO is Tintin, and we held a mini-treasure hunt game for the freshmen to play, with the treasure being AMSA’s catchphrase, ‘Come Una Famiglia Grande’. EXPO Committee started preparing for the decorations of the room since a day before, and many helped on the day of the event. Eventhough the puzzles of this game is complicated, some teams did succeed.

Presentation about AMSA-UI is  delivered by our Representative, Michelle Valerie. Some members came along to give support and participate in this event. In the end of the day, us, EXPO committees took a picture together, with AMSA’s Overall Chairperson who came along to visit.




On November  22nd 2016, we introduce AMSA for the second time to the freshmen. In “Badan Carnival”, we decorated our booth and hung some photos from our past events. Also, we prepared several entertainments, such as allowing the students to request a song to be played by our Manager of MnD, Edwin Ti Ramadhan, to make the students to come to our booth in which there were a total of 8 booths of different organizations. Other than the members of Recruitment, we were blessed to be joined by our Representative and Director of Internal, Michelle Valeria and Ivan Pradana respectively. Many students came to our booth and they were looking forward to join AMSA UI and as a gift, we gave them a bookmark with details on how to research more about AMSA UI printed there.


On November  22nd 2016, we introduced AMSA to the freshmen for the second time. The event “Badan Carnival” was designed to exhibit various student organizations in FKUI and provide in-depth information for all freshmen who would like to know more about certain organizations. We decorated our booth and hung some photos from our past events. We also prepared several entertainments, one of which is allowing the students to request a song to be played by our Manager of MnD, Edwin Ti Ramadhan. Other than the members of Recruitment, we were blessed to be joined by our Representative and Director of Internal, Michelle Valeria and Ivan Pradana, respectively. Many students came to our booth and were looking forward to join AMSA-UI. As a gift, we gave them a bookmark with printed details on how to research more about AMSA-UI.


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On 24th September 2016, PRICE EAMSC 2016 (Preparation for International Competition East Asian Medical Student Conference 2016) was held by Academic Division of AMSA-UI to enhance knowledge of AMSA-Indonesia district 2 members in preparing themselves for the East Asian Medical Student Conference 2016 (Australia). With a preparation for about a month, PRICE EAMSC 2016 has successfully reached 130 participants from every AMSA university members in District 2 and also non-AMSA members from University of Indonesia.

PRICE EAMSC 2016 is Acads very first project, it took place in KC 301 Gedung Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan (RIK) Universitas Indonesia from 9.45am to 3pm. Although the registration was opened at 9.15am, about 40 participants have come since 8.15am.

At 9.15am, the event was opened by Alessa Fahira, our MC with a bright short greeting. It was then followed with all of us singing AMSA song “See the World in Perfect Harmony” to give a positive energy to all the participants. After the song, PRICE EAMSC 2016 with the theme of “Climate Change Medicine” is officially opened with brief opening speeches from Elvira Lesmana, Project Officer of PRICE EAMSC 2016 and Michelle Valeria, Representative of AMSA-UI 2016/2017. In this event, we are also honored by the attendance of Representative from AMSA-Ukrida (Billy Jonathan), Representative from AMSA-Untar (Annisaa Nurrahma), and also Representative from AMSA-UKI (Mathilda Abigail).

Move to the main event, the first lecture “Climate Change on Tropical Disease” was presented by dr. Erni Juwita Nelwan, Sp. PD-KPTI from Departemen ilmu Penyakit Dalam RSCM. She told us about the connection between health and climate change, the brief explanation about climate change, and also the bad impact of climate change related with the incidence level in Indonesia.


During the transition from the first lecture to the second lecture, we had a simple quiz to amuse the participants and after that the lecture continue with Dr. dr. Mardiastuti H. Wahid, MSc, Sp.MK (K) from Departemen Mikrobiologi RSCM as a speaker of the second lecture “Climate Change: How Does it Affect Microorganisms?”. From this lecture, we got to know the effect of climate change on pathogenic microorganism, such as those who cause malaria, dengue, filariasis, and cholera.

The event was continued by a game to entertain the participant as we also divide them into small groups for workshop. As the two lectures end, we finally invited dr. Grace Wangge, MSc, PhD, the expert in systematic review to give us tips and trick on how to make systematic review and also to give as a hands-on experience which was directly guided by her

At the end of our event, Raksheeth Agarwal and also Oliver Emmanuel shared their experiences as the winner of the previous PCC EAMSC winners.

With this event we felt so happy that we, academics team of AMSA-UI, can share knowledge, build friendship, and also hopefully trigger AMSA-Indonesia’s district 2 members to start taking a simple action to tackle the poor effect of climate changes on our community health.

Staffing NMGBC 2017

November 2nd, 2016 by in News


Congratulations to all of you who have been chosen to be a part of the NMGBC 2017 team.


Harits Adi Putra Valdi Ven Japranata
Stella Chrisantha
Kristian Kurniawan lham Dhiya
Sabrina Hanin
Julius Calvin Muhammad Taufik
Stefanus Sutopo Nagita Gianty Annisa
Ibrahim Nadiyan Amalia Ghaisani
Kelvin Gotama Luthfian Aby Nurachman
Reyza Tratama Audandi Khairunnisa Farina Ilato
Arif Ramadhan Tansir Muhammad Iqbal Adi Pratama
Indah Fitriani Lowilius Wiyono
Reganedgary Jonlean Andrea Laurentius
Alessa Fahira Marco Raditya
Daniel Martin Simadibrata Farah Qurrota A’yun
Safira Amelia Nindya Permata Bunda
Ihya Fakhrurizal Ko Abel Ardana Kusuma
Anthonius Yongko Adriana Viola Miranda
Muhammad Ilham Dhiya Rakasiwi


Elvira Lesmana Alice Tamara
Joanna Erin Hanrahan Almira Ramadhania
Fona Qorina Fianti Ratna Dewi
Nicholas Calvin Metta Dewi
Gabriella Anindyah Ibreyna Genoveva Tumanggor
Karel Handito Syafi Sumarsudi Muhamad Faza Soelaeman
Angga Wiratama Lokeswara Rizky Dini Fitriyasa
Jatmiko Gustinanda Aji Wahyu Wardhana
Ariel Valentino Jeremy Rafael Tandaju
Chng Ruoh Ping


Brigitta Setiawan Tamara Tango
Darayu Wilson Julianto
Nathasha Brigitta Selene Gede Bagus Yoga Satriadinatha
Maharani Zaini Evinia Listiania
Dina Fitriana Sholikhah Diantika Narinastiti
Kania Indriani Arini Ayatika Sadariskar
Daniel Christovery


Angela Kimberly Trivani Putri
Muhammad Hilfi Radifan Pandia Khansa Salsabila
Viviana Thiara Brunner
Nadhira Najma Azizah Afiah Salsabila
Andi Gunawan Karamoy Nadira Fildza
Mochammad Aris Ryota Hafizmatta


Assyifa Gita Firdaus Maurin Marcelia
Williams Harli Jilly
Erlangga Nirmala
Awliya Nina Bonita Hasanah
Amino Aytiwan Remedika Iif Pramesti Cahyani
Teresia Putri Widia Nugraheni Endang Farihatul Izza
Septhendy Muhammad Rheza Hilfaziyan Lubis
Fiona Maharani Indira Afiyatul Mardiyah
Nadine Herdwita Putri Soerojo Stevano Julio Wijoyo
Syafira Nurlaila Dewi Andreas Kevin
Sonya Maysalva Renata Tamara
Afifah Utami Dela Ryana Swaraghany
Nida Ghitha Aulia Ucca Ratulangi
Nur Afiahuddin Tumpu Vannessa Karenina
Farah Inayati Samuel Pratama
Haifa Mayang Lestari Bilqis Deyan S
Bintang Wirawan Sabda Ardiantara


Eka Setiawan Nathasya Veronica
Raoul Abdullah Brian Mendel
Hansel Mohammad Amin R P Ilham
Ahmad Muhammad Basalamah Muhammad Fauzan
Muhammad Zaki Bariz Amaanullah Harrison Handoko
Imam Rahadian Micheylla Kusumaning Dewi


Gaviota Hartono Priscilla Aya
Karina Teja Putri Armand Achmadsyah
Raisya Zahira Christine Lieana
Dea Nadira Agustien Bayu Ristanti
Sheila Fajarina Safety Shania Octaviani Salim
Johan Cahyadirga Bunga Cecilia Sinaga
Iskandar Purba Geraldi Nathalia Isabella Muskitta
Ulya Amanina Anjani Larasati
Lawrence J G Limesa


Alexander Kelvyn Clara Menna
David Calvin Brenda Cristie Edina
Taufiq Akmal Chairunisa Aliya Amani
Nielda Kezia Sumbung Kresanti Dewi Ngadimin
Talitha Vania Salsabella Rayhan Farandy
Natan Kevin


Bashar Adi Geordie Pattikawa
Leorca Aurino Nathanael
Rose Haswinzky Jessica Sylvania Oswari
Reyner Arden Alda Zerlina Amelia
Faizal Dzaky

EOTY AMSA-UI 2016: ADHD #ImNotAMonster

July 1st, 2016 by in News


Event of The Year (EOTY) is an annual event organized by PRSS division of AMSA-UI for community by means of social acts. EOTY is held to commemorate a national day of health set by AMSA Indonesia each year.

The theme for EOTY 2016 is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with the tagline of #ImNotAMonster. This theme was chosen because of public awareness about ADHD in Indonesia is still poor, causing children with this condition often labelled negatively. This year EOTY is divided into two events, “Pre-Event Campaign” and “D-Day” main event.


The campaign was carried out one week before the main event on 23rd April 2016 on “Car Free Day” at  Bundaran HI. We distributed pamphlets and educated people about ADHD. After that we asked the people who had been educated to spread the information to others and uploaded their campaign’s photos to social media and tagged AMSA-UI.

The main event was held on 30th April 2016 at SDN 05 Cipinang Muara. It consisted of seminar about ADHD by Prof. Dr. dr. Raden Irawati Ismail, Sp.KJ (K)., M. Epid for parents and teachers. The seminar was delivered interactively with Q&A session and case discussion. After the seminar, the event continued with ADHD early screening through questionnaires and consultations with Prof. Ira.



There’s also contests held for primary school students. 1-2 graders had coloring contest while 3-5 graders had storytelling competition. The children were full of spirits, many of which brought props, and some even wore costume.

Approaching the end of EOTY, top three winners for each contest were announced and given prizes. Parents and teachers participating in the seminar were given certificates. EOTY symbolically ended with awarding of plaque to principal of SDN 05 Cipinang Muara. With this event, we hope we can increase people’s awareness about ADHD.


By: Gilbert C. Mayer (Project Officer of EOTY 2016)

AMSA Day 2016: Agent of Tomorrow

May 22nd, 2016 by in News

Training Little Doctors,

Business has captivated us from our surrounding. If you were given the chance to open your eyes, would you want to?


On Saturday, May 14th 2016, we, as AMSA Youths are given the chance to open our eyes. It was one of the most remarkable experience to give a hand to children in that place.

Sekolah Alam Tunas Mulia Bantar Gebang, a place where lots of scavenger’s children are learning. No, it is not an ordinary school that children are going to. Here, the main thing that is taught by the volunteering teachers are only reading and writing. They do not adapt the government school system due to the limited facilities, but some of the lucky children got the scholarship to go to the ordinary schools.


Anyway, as the parents of these children are mostly scavengers, they do follow their parents’ activities in selecting the rubbishes in the final place for Jakarta’s rubbishes (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir). As we know, quite often some of the rubbishes we threw are harmful. They contain iron, sharp things that can injure the children. No wonder hearing from the school’s founder, we knew that last year, one of the children died of tetanus and everyday a lot of children get injuries over their hands, legs, or even face and furthermore the injuries are progressing to become infectious as the wounds are remain dirty and continuously contaminated with another rubbishes. We never knew that first aid is that important, right?


From this situation, finally our AMSA Day brought up the theme “Agent of Tomorrow” with our tagline “Nurturing a Better Future for You and Me”. The basic concept of this theme is basically teaching the children about simple first aid with the aim of reducing infections caused by mild or severe injuries that are untreated. We also gave the school 3 packs of first aid kit and teach the teachers about what’s inside the kit and when are they going to use the medicines.

In the end, we were so thankful that the children and the teachers are so excited in receiving this new knowledge. We hope that by understanding the simple first aid, the rate of infections and even deaths caused by infections can be reduced. By that, the children can live a happy life and grow up to reach their dreams.


Sharing knowledge and giving positive impacts to the surroundings for a better tomorrow. Do we all agree that these are what we should aim in life?


By: Joanna Erin (Project Officer of AMSA Day 2016)



April 22nd, 2016 by in News, NMGBC 2016, NMGBC 2016 PULMO

National Medical and General Biology Competition 2016 was held for three days: 18-20th March 2016. Taking place in Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, this most anticipated event involved 331 high school students across Indonesia. With the theme of PULMO, NMGBC 2016 became the highlighted national competition presented by AMSA-UI.


On the first day of NMGBC 2016, participants were required to attend the opening ceremony of NMGBC 2016. It started with welcome speech from Head of BEM IKM FKUI, Fadhli Waznan; Representative of AMSA-UI, Felix Kurniawan; and Project Officer of NMGBC 2016, Ficky. There were also performances from orchestra and vocal group of FKUI. The technical meeting for the competitions tomorrow was also held and that remarks the end of opening ceremony.


The second day of NMGBC 2016 started with preliminary for participants which was divided into two groups, while the teachers were given seminars. After finishing preliminary, participants and teachers had the chance to attend several seminars about Tuberculosis, considering World Tuberculosis Day on March 24, in attempt to raise awareness and knowledge regarding tuberculosis. NMGBC also did not miss to give the participants many workshops in the hope that they obtained basic soft skills on Basic Life Support and Ambu-Bag Ventilation. By that, the second day of NMGBC has officially ended.


Last day of NMGBC 2016 was really awaited since the participants who made it to the semifinal were announced in the morning. Of the 331 participants, there were 60 participants with the highest score who went to the semifinal round. So while the semifinalists once again compete, the others were given the intracampus tour of FKUI. NMGBC provided four spots in this tour: skills lab, pathological anatomy museum, intubation workshop, and UI campus tour with ‘Bus Kuning’ hoping to give a taste of being medical students of FKUI to the students. The tour was nicely done.


After semifinal and tour were ended, we finally arrived at the peak of NMGBC 2016, 5 of 60 semifinalists with the highest score were to join the final round. The final round itself consist of case analysis, in which the participants were given a case and they had to analyze and present it to everyone; bonus round; and tachypnea, or the fast-and-correct round.


We are happy to announce the five champions who have won NMGBC 2016:
1st place Muhammad Edgar Bratasena
2nd place M Ilham Dhiya R
3rd place Danang Dwi Prasetyo
4th place Michelle Angelina
5th place Aldithya Fakhri

Finally, NMGBC 2016 ended with the closing ceremony, performance, and closing speech from the project officer. NMGBC 2016 was such a fun and memorable event in which we hope it brings each on of us new knowledge, friends, and experience!

For the documentation of NMGBC 2016, check it out here:

By: Ficky (Project Officer of NMGBC 2016)

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