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March 15th, 2017 by in Events

AMSA-Unpad MUN: A Game of Diplomacy

For me, diplomacy has been as much as subject of interest as it is an unsolvable enigma. It has been hard to be a great speaker with no opportunity to compete in debate competitions or the like. Having a chance to do it through a Model United Nations convention is a new thing I was eager to try, and that’s what got me to finally joining AMSA-Unpad MUN. I finally registered and represented the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Council. After officially registering, the committee obliged us to do a position paper on the topic and country involved.

As an assigned coordinator, I was also concerned about the preparations of us, FMUI delegates. So, I arranged for several preparations, including tickets and committee liaisoning to a one-session training held with the support of UI’s very own MUN Club.

Finally, the day came. Due to a combination of bad planning and traffic, I only managed to arrive in Bandung at Saturday, 1 AM  Arriving after everyone has gone to sleep (and after the welcoming party and a presentation of the basics of MUN), I’m very anxious of the day to come

Day 2 came, with the first session being a seminar session with a doctor from UNFPA. Afterwards, came the first conference session (thankfully, with a brief introduction as well). Through the day, we went through three conference sessions, but were very hard-pressed to find solutions to the problems of drug and organized crime. On the other councils of UNFPA and WHO (which was participated by Aya and Jilly respectively), discussion also got to a standstill in the end of the first day.

After the conferences of the day was finished, we participated in the farewell party to relieve us from the discussions’ stress. Here is where the solidity of my council shows. We had fun and took pictures together. Afterwards, most of the council held an after-party of, (against the mainstream), drafting the mock concluding documents to be discussed in the morning.

By the morning, the conferences (which I attend late due to dizziness), has came to a quick path to conclusion. The draft document we concocted the night before was argued very diplomatically by its supporting nations, to the point that the product was unanimously agreed upon by the conference (a very satisfying result for its supporters). Due to the availability of time, mock awards are held, in which I (pitifully) got the predicate “The Most Single-looking Person”. Afterwards, comes the closing, in which Aya won the Honorable Mention in her council. We finally can go home in peace (and with an award, too)

The 2-day process led me to extend my connections to a lot of the new friends I met through the conferences­­. It also would, in a way, help me in everyday life, as I got more competence in interpersonal communication through this. It is a very fun and satisfying experience (which is helped a lot by the comfort provided by the committee’s helpfulness and hotel’s ambiance), which I would love to participate again in next year.

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