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AMSA Day 2016: Agent of Tomorrow

May 22nd, 2016 by in News

Training Little Doctors,

Business has captivated us from our surrounding. If you were given the chance to open your eyes, would you want to?


On Saturday, May 14th 2016, we, as AMSA Youths are given the chance to open our eyes. It was one of the most remarkable experience to give a hand to children in that place.

Sekolah Alam Tunas Mulia Bantar Gebang, a place where lots of scavenger’s children are learning. No, it is not an ordinary school that children are going to. Here, the main thing that is taught by the volunteering teachers are only reading and writing. They do not adapt the government school system due to the limited facilities, but some of the lucky children got the scholarship to go to the ordinary schools.


Anyway, as the parents of these children are mostly scavengers, they do follow their parents’ activities in selecting the rubbishes in the final place for Jakarta’s rubbishes (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir). As we know, quite often some of the rubbishes we threw are harmful. They contain iron, sharp things that can injure the children. No wonder hearing from the school’s founder, we knew that last year, one of the children died of tetanus and everyday a lot of children get injuries over their hands, legs, or even face and furthermore the injuries are progressing to become infectious as the wounds are remain dirty and continuously contaminated with another rubbishes. We never knew that first aid is that important, right?


From this situation, finally our AMSA Day brought up the theme “Agent of Tomorrow” with our tagline “Nurturing a Better Future for You and Me”. The basic concept of this theme is basically teaching the children about simple first aid with the aim of reducing infections caused by mild or severe injuries that are untreated. We also gave the school 3 packs of first aid kit and teach the teachers about what’s inside the kit and when are they going to use the medicines.

In the end, we were so thankful that the children and the teachers are so excited in receiving this new knowledge. We hope that by understanding the simple first aid, the rate of infections and even deaths caused by infections can be reduced. By that, the children can live a happy life and grow up to reach their dreams.


Sharing knowledge and giving positive impacts to the surroundings for a better tomorrow. Do we all agree that these are what we should aim in life?


By: Joanna Erin (Project Officer of AMSA Day 2016)


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