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AMSA-UI Goes To Rehab Centre Project

March 27th, 2016 by in News

PRSS AMSA-UI 2015/2016 starts its journey by a project called AMSA-UI Goes To Rehab Center (AUGTRC). AUGTRC itself is held at PSMP Handayani in Bambu Apus on December 12th 2015.

The event AUGTRC is not only beneficial for our friends in PSMP Handayani, but also for us. Through this event we hoped we can eliminate the negative stigma on our friends who are currently undergo rehabilitation or serving their sentence, because we believe we are all humans and we are not perfect. Its okay to make mistakes, but we should learn from it. Through this event we also learnt not to judge someone for what they have done in the past because we don’t know the reason behind the things they did.

During the first session, dr. Fisa and kak Nindi gave a seminar about physical health. There is also a dental screening which is don e by our friends from BEM FKG UI. Before we proceed to the second and last session, there is a game lead by our division of event and it was full of fun! And in the second session, we have lunch and sharing session about mental health and dreams. Here, there are facilitators that help guide the sharing session therefore it is more structured but still fun.


To close the event, we said thank you to the people that have been involved in this project and also to our friends in PSMP Handayani for following the sessions enthusiastically. Lastly, we took group pictures. Thank you so much for PSMP Handayani, our friends in AMSA-UI, BEM FKG UI, our seniors as facilitators and dr. Heriani for helping PRSS first project, AUGTRC.



By: Sarah Humaira (Project Officer AMSA-UI Goes To Rehab Centre)

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