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AMSA-UI Birthday Party

December 20th, 2015 by in News




On October 29, 1986, AMSA-UI was established. To celebrate AMSA-UI’s 29th anniversary, AMSEP division of AMSA-UI proudly present the first ever birthday party. This celebration was open for all AMSA-UI members, delegates from organizations intra-FKUI, and AMSA-INA members.


AMSA-UI Birthday Party was held in Hotel Bumi Wiyata, Depok on November 27th 2015.  It was a white-blue themed party with the activities including a lot of fun games, well-served dinner, and performances by AMSA-UI divisions. There was a birthday cake ceremony as well where Felix Kurniawan, as the Representative of AMSA-UI, and all participants got the chance to circled up around the cake and wish the very best future of our beloved AMSA-UI, not only as an organization but also a family.


By: Michelle Valeria


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